About Our Preschool

Welcome to The Shri Ram Wonder Years Preschool, where we believe in fostering an environment that encourages holistic growth and development. Our dedicated team of educators and support staff are committed to addressing the unique needs of every student. We believe that each child is special, and it is our greatest satisfaction to see our teachings culminate in a profound understanding and realization within the child.

Our mission is to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for each child. We work in strong partnership with parents, where the faculty at The Shri Ram Wonder Years creates an intellectually engaging, nurturing environment that promotes each child’s learning and development. We understand that our responsibility is to channelize the abilities of each child by facilitating the development of essential skills and learning styles.

At The Shri Ram Wonder Years Preschool, we focus on learning through play, which fosters confident individuals with a positive approach to learning. Our flexible approach allows each child to develop their own personality within the framework of the school format, thus walking out of our school with a sense of pride and confidence.

Our motto “Wonder Imagine Discover” truly serves as a beacon for all our efforts at school. We uphold the principle that the learning experience revolves around the child being at the center of all, with teachers serving as facilitators. Our pedagogical approach is tailored to accommodate the distinct needs and learning styles of each student.

The Shri Ram Wonder Years is a preschool that offers children a secure, loving, joyful, and constantly changing environment. With this overarching goal in mind, the preschool promotes a continuous growing process in a secure, encouraging, and caring atmosphere where each child is cherished for his or her own individuality.TSWY is an advocate of a committed collaboration between the home, school, and kid. The teachers at TSWY foster a caring environment that is academically stimulating and supports each child’s learning and growth. The school is aware of its duty to help children acquire the necessary skill sets and learning styles in order to channel their strengths. Read More

Children have a natural curiosity that they display from a very young age. It serves as their motivation to explore, research, and learn. Young children have a natural interest in the world, and this curiosity ignites their imagination, fosters their creativity, and increases their self-assurance.

At The Shri Ram Wonder Years, we appreciate children’s inherent curiosity and give them a fascinating and safe setting in which to express it. We encourage our kids to learn via hands-on, investigative, and inquiry-based activities that pique their interest, motivate them to look for information, ask questions, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.
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Emphasise on personal growth and development

To help each child enjoy learning more, balanced experiences and activities are developed.

Self-improvement exercises

Children participate in activities that help them acquire the values and abilities that will make them sensitive and responsible.

Interactive Learning

Youngsters pick up knowledge through enjoyable activities. The children can easily handle and access the materials and equipment.

An integrated method of education

Through play, concepts are connected to the arts, music, dance, theatre, and physical activity. A balance between indoor and outdoor activity is prioritised.

Enhancing Language fluency

Children develop their ability to interact with others effectively by active listening, speaking up when necessary, expanding their vocabulary, role-playing, and the development of their pre-reading and pre-writing abilities.

Constructing Good Values

Children pick up respect for the environment, care for a fit and healthy physique, and attention to the environment.

Acquiring Critical Thinking Abilities

By sequencing, recognising size, shapes, quantities, comparison, reasoning, and other pre-math skills, children can develop early numeracy and critical thinking.

Developing sensitivity

Children are encouraged to work compassionately with children of different abilities, cultures and communities