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Best Preschools in Noida That Promote Outdoor Activities

Choosing the preschool for your child is an important decision. You want to pick a preschool that is good for their academic, emotional, and physical development with the best preschools in Noida. Today, many parents can forget about the importance of physical activity because of phone screens. 

Noida, a bustling city, offers a variety of preschools. However, if you’re looking for a preschool that prioritizes outdoor play and exploration, here are five options to consider: 


  1. Mother’s Pride: This established preschool chain promotes a holistic approach to learning, including outdoor activities. All the best preschools in Noida follow a holistic approach. 

Their curriculum incorporates nature walks, gardening projects, and age-appropriate outdoor games. 


  1. Kidzee: Well-known across India, Kidzee offers a play-based curriculum that includes outdoor play areas and structured outdoor activities. They emphasize the importance of fresh air and physical activity for a child’s overall well-being.


  1. The Green Play School: As the name suggests, The Green Play School focuses on fostering a love for nature in children. They have dedicated outdoor spaces with sandpits, climbing structures, and gardens where children can explore and engage with the natural world. The Green Play School is one of the best preschools in Noida because of its open spaces. 


  1. EuroKids: EuroKids prioritizes a balance between academics and play. They incorporate outdoor play sessions throughout the day, allowing children to run, climb, and socialize in dedicated outdoor areas.

Best Preschools in Noida

  1. The Shri Ram Wonder Years: Now, let’s delve deeper into why The Shri Ram Wonder Years stands out as the best preschools in Noida


The Shri Ram Wonder Years takes outdoor learning to a whole new level. Here’s what sets them apart:


  • Spacious Outdoor Play Areas: The preschool boasts expansive, well-equipped outdoor areas with age-appropriate play structures, sandpits, and gardens. Children can engage in imaginative play, explore nature, and develop gross motor skills in a safe and stimulating environment. 


  • Nature-Based Curriculum: The curriculum integrates outdoor activities seamlessly. Children might learn about different plants by tending to a garden, study insects during nature walks, or participate in outdoor physical activities related to a specific theme being explored in class.


  • Dedicated Outdoor Time: The Shri Ram Wonder Years prioritizes dedicated outdoor play sessions throughout the day, irrespective of weather (with appropriate precautions taken during extreme conditions). This ensures children get a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine, crucial for their physical and mental well-being.

Best Preschools in Noida
Focus on Sustainability: The preschool incorporates lessons on sustainability and environmental awareness into their outdoor activities. Children might learn about composting, recycling, and caring for the environment through hands-on experiences.

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