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Common Problems Faced By Parents of Preschoolers

It surely takes a village to raise a child! In a highly tech-driven and competitive world, it’s important to have a successful and smooth start for your child’s early education journey. However, while accomplishing the same, parents might come across a certain set of problems that act as roadblocks and hinder the progress of their little minds. One fact that can’t be stressed enough is celebrating and accepting the individuality of your child. Not every child faces the same challenges hence parents need to be very considerate, avoid comparing, and coming to a conclusion. As one of the leading preschools in Gurugram, we would like to acquaint you with certain problems commonly faced by preschoolers. So, without any more ados, let’s get straight to the topic. 


Separation Anxiety: Preschools in Gurugram

One of the top challenges faced by almost a good majority of preschoolers is “separation anxiety”. Many little ones find it hard to be away from their parents, especially their mother. We don’t blame them as going to a new place away from their parents is a difficult experience altogether. 

Solution: Put your child’s familiar and favorite belongings in their school bags. It could be anything starting from a teddy bear to their plush blanket. The idea is to make them feel at home even when they are busy taking lessons at their play school. If that doesn’t work, consider consulting a child counselor.


Poor Eating Habits: Preschools in Gurugram

This is another problem that often troubles parents of preschoolers. These days, even teenagers have also become hardcore picky eaters. Children would rather eat French Fries than nutritious food. As a parent, you try your best to feed them by force and by deception, but this hardly works out. 

Solution: Avoid pressuring or forcing children to eat something they don’t feel like consuming. Encourage and be patient as you introduce a variety of foods to expand their palate.


Disinterest in Studies

Children hate to study and as parents, it becomes quite challenging to deal with this behavior. To counter this situation, most parents resort to corporal punishment which is wrong in every way possible.   

Solution: If your child doesn’t like studying then try making it a fun-filled experience for them. Incorporate games, talk about interesting topics, and praise their efforts by rewarding them. Never use punishment as it doesn’t help and can have a negative impact on your child’s mental development. Be patient and encourage them as much as feasible. If it’s still a problem, seek support from their teachers and experts. 


Communication Challenges

Now we can’t expect toddlers to speak the language of adults but we can certainly teach them how to speak basic words so that they can convey their needs clearly. During the early stages of learning, you’ll find most infants with eloquent speech while there would be some munchkins with difficulty in expressing themselves. For them, it’s challenging to follow instructions and participate in class discussions.

Solution: Create a supportive environment at home. Help toddlers talk by using simple words and listening to them. Encourage activities like stories and rhymes to interact better with them. If nothing else works then consult a speech therapist. 


In the journey of preschool education, understanding and addressing common challenges are crucial. With simplicity in approach, fostering a supportive environment ensures a positive start for young minds.

Most eminent preschools in Gurugram play a vital role in guiding parents through admission and helping children overcome obstacles. Remember, your child needs your support and love so ensure to be a pillar of encouragement.

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