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How to Cultivate Creativity in Your Toddlers?

You can encourage your children to be creative by integrating creativity into children’s education. Although it’s true that children are naturally curious and love to enquire, they also need support to develop their creative capacities and reach their full potential.

Supporting children’s development makes them confident and gives them freedom to explore. There are a few things that parents and teachers can do to encourage creativity instead of punishing it. You can encourage a child to be creative in both a home and a preschool


  1. Show examples to spark creativity

Creativity needs inspiration and you cannot get inspired by empty notebooks or boards. 

Creativity in children’s education can be encouraged if their space is filled with inspirational projects. It is possible that the children will simply mimic the art they see, but they will definitely find their own voice in between the process. 

creativity into children’s education

  1. Let them get a bit messy

Parents can be a bit restrictive without knowing. For a child’s imagination to be unleashed, they need the freedom to explore with materials like sketchpens, paints, LEGO bricks, and more. After a few times, they will come up with new ideas that will lead to something productive and you will be proud of your kids. All you need to do is let them try! 


  1. Appreciate all Creations

You shouldn’t provide any directions to your child. They may be interested in painting, lego, writing, or crafts. Some parents try to shift their kids into specific fields of crafts and that is not right. Each act of art or craft promotes the creative process in your child’s mind.

As children work on projects, highlighting the process, not the final product. Ask children about how they got to know about something and how they decided to create something. This will tell you about how they strategize the creative process. Encourage them to experiment and remember that failures are acceptable. 

creativity into children’s education

  1. Give them time

Creativity in children’s education increases when they are given time to explore and complete projects on their own. Trying to squeeze projects into the constraints of a standard 50 minute assignment undermines the value of projects. Set aside particular days or the weekends for creative projects but don’t give them hectic deadlines to finish the projects. Your child can halt a project and then finish them another day. 

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