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How Toddlers Should be introduced to play school?

Starting play school is a big milestone for your child and you. Learning to spend time apart can be a difficult transition for preschoolers and parents. There are a few things you can do to make the transition easier. Prepare your little ones for their journey by following these simple steps: 


  1. Visit the preschool together

If it is possible, then you should visit the preschool together before the first day. Explore the entire school together. Visit the classrooms and explore the playground to ensure that your child is comfortable with the place before their first day. 


  1. Make new friends

Meet with the parents of the other children who are going to the same preschool. Arrange a playdate with the other kids from the play school. This will make sure that your kid has other friends in the preschool. They will feel more comfortable going to a preschool this way. A new preschool will never seem new if they have friends. Prepare your little ones for their journey by ensuring that they have friends. 

Introducing Toddlers to Play School

  1. Pretend Play at home

You should start a pretend play game at your home where you pretend that you are at preschool with your kid. Explore concepts like different periods, break time, lunch time, and play time. Introduce your little one to the concept of a teacher and other students. Tell them that they will be free to explore but they should also respect the teachers. You can also switch roles and let your child be the teacher. Such role play will make your child think of school as a fun place and reduce separation anxiety. 


  1. Be honest

Be honest with your child about how your experience was with preschool. You should tell them about your experience and how you made the most of your preschool. Your child trusts you and if you are honest about your experiences then they will know what to expect. You are like a friend to your child and someone else being honest about their experience will comfort them.

Find old photographs of your preschool and show them to your child to make them excited about the prospects of preschooling. 


  1. Practice new routines

Start practicing new routines with your child. Put them to sleep early and start waking them up early a few days before their preschool starts. You can also help them pick the next day’s clothes a day before the next day. 

Introducing Toddlers to Play School

  1. Communicate openly

Good communication is the key to develop trust between your little one and you. To ensure that they are ready for the changes, you should ask them to tell you about how they are feeling about going to a preschool. If they are honest about their anxieties, then address the concerns one by one. Make sure that your kid is calm before they leave for their first day. 


  1. Create a goodbye ritual

You will not be seeing your child for a long time after they start going to a play school. That is why you need a special ritual like a goodbye kiss or hug.

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