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What are the facets to keep in mind while choosing a playschool?

Your child starting a preschool is a big step in their educational journey. Sadly, very few parents realize that preschool education lays the foundation for their child’s education and has a long lasting impact.That is why it is important to choose the right preschool. When looking for the best preschools in Delhi, you should keep the following facets in your mind. 


  1. Location

One of the main factors is the location of the preschool. People consider choosing preschools that are closer to their homes so that they can drop their kids to the school. In this facet, people in tier 1 and tier 2 cities are generally more lucky. Since they can find preschools that are at walking distance. 

Children are anxious to get home after a long day of their classes and that is why it is important to choose preschools that are not far from home. Choosing a preschool that is nearby ensures a smooth transition for kids and the parents. It helps them tackle separation anxiety. 


  1. Credibility

A preschool being close to your house is not enough to make them eligible. Parents also check the credibility of the school. Some of the best preschools in Delhi have great credentials. The preschool you choose needs to have similar credentials. 

You should ask for reviews and see how students from the previous batches are fairing now. You can check reviews on their social media pages and Google. 

Best Preschools In Delhi

  1. Faculty

Your kids will spend most of their time with the faculty. You should see how teachers interact with students and how they handle questions. One of the things to look out for is how they discipline kids. There should be a healthy balance in the classroom. Students need to be in control but without any harsh methods. Don’t forget to take a tour of the preschools you are considering for your child. A good group of teachers make a good preschool. End of discussion. 



  1. Teaching System

One of the main things to consider while choosing from the best preschools in Delhi is their teaching methodology. Today, most parents are going for programs that do not limit their child’s ability to discover and learn more about themselves. There are many preschooling methodologies like Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Sensory Play, STEM, etc.

Talk to the teachers at the preschool to understand the methodology that they use and how it makes their preschool unique? What kind of benefits can your kids expect to see if they follow the program? 

Best Preschools In Delhi

  1. School Campus

A clean, safe, and exciting campus is important to keep your young ones excited for school. A good environment keeps your young ones excited for school and they feel free to learn new things. The best preschools in Delhi have massive campuses but you also need to check for things like hygiene, lighting, and safety. When your child walks into the classroom, it should seem like a safe space that belongs to them. Check the space in the classrooms, playgrounds, and art rooms.

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