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What is the play school admission criteria in India?

Preschooling has become highly popular in the last decade. Parents from the top cities of India want the best for their children and there is no shortage of preschools in India. If you are also thinking about enrolling your child into a play school. You should know about the play school admission criteria


Eligibility Criteria
One of the main factors that decide the eligibility of any child is their age. Most preschools accept children from the age group of 2.5 to 4 years. 


Registration Process

The first step of the admission process is filling out the registration form of any play school. Parents can download the admission form of any preschool from their website. The registration form asks for details like the child’s name, parent’s name, DOB, address, phone numbers, and more. 

play school admission criteria

Submission of Documents

To support the registration form, parents need to submit a copy of other documents. Make sure to attach these documents along with the admission form. 


  1. Birth certificate: A valid birth certificate of the child and parents is necessary. 


  1. Passport size photograph: Passport size photographs of the applicant and the parents need to be attached. 


  1. Address proof: Photocopy of the parent’s adhaar or electricity bill needs to be submitted. 


  1. Medical certificate: The last thing you need is a medical certificate of the child. This certificate will let the play school know about the child’s medical condition. If your child suffers from any problems, notify the school. This helps them make necessary arrangements. 



An interview is one of the most important aspects of the play school admission criteria.

Parents with their kids meet the play school’s faculty for an interview. The purpose of this interaction is to assess the child’s social skills, communication abilities, and overall academic preparedness. 


Admission Test

One of the play school admission criteria can be an admission test. It is used to assess the motor skills, intellectual ability, and reasoning skills of the child. Such tests are generally not heavy in nature. 

play school admission criteria

Tuition Fee

Once the child successfully passes all the admission tests and processes, parents will receive a letter from the play school.

This letter of acceptance will congratulate the parents on their child being admitted in the play school. After this, the parents are required to pay the admission fee and the first installment of the tuition fees. The admission fee is usually non-refundable and covers administrative expenses. 

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