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At The Shri Ram Wonder Years, we strongly believe that parents are equal partners in the learning journey of their children. We understand that parents know their children best and their involvement can greatly enhance their child’s development. Our programs are designed to encourage parental involvement in their child’s education, with regular opportunities to connect with teachers and share insights about their child’s progress. We value clear communication, both with parents and amongst our team, in order to establish a positive and collaborative relationship. We understand the importance of a strong foundation, and with parents as our equal partners, we work together to support our children in becoming confident, curious, and lifelong learners.

The pedagogy at The Shri Ram Wonder Years is centered on the guidance of expert mentors who act as Facilitators, encouraging children to uncover their full potential in an environment that cultivates trust, love, care, security, and a sense of belonging.

Our core belief is that the most crucial objective for young learners is to foster the development of a strong self-concept, a vivid imagination, and a heightened social awareness.

At our pre-school, we firmly uphold the principle that the learning experience revolves around the child being at the center of all, with teachers serving as facilitators. It is the paramount responsibility of our educators to design and implement an inclusive curriculum and environment that caters to the unique characteristics of each individual child. Our pedagogical approach is tailored to accommodate the distinct needs and learning styles of each student.

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Ms. Simrat Chadha

Message from Head Mistress

It is my great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you and your precious offspring at The Shri Ram Wonder Years. Here, you will find a nurturing environment where your children can thrive, learn, and grow. The upcoming academic year holds tremendous potential for your child’s development as they possess an absorbs mind that readily absorbs knowledge, develops independence, and enhances social skills.

At The Shri Ram Wonder Years, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care and education for your children. We stay attuned to the ever-evolving needs of children and employ the latest, world-class methods of learning and teaching. Our aim is to ensure that each student embodies the four key qualities known as the core values. At The Shri Ram Wonder Years, we take pride in our community and welcome families of all backgrounds. We believe in building strong relationships with the families we serve, working together to ensure a seamless learning experience for your child.

We look forward to working with you and your child to create a happy and healthy learning environment. Thank you for considering our pre-school as your partner in your child’s education.