Shri Connect: The School ERP

Shri Connect is a full-featured IT solution for schools that addresses both academic and administrative needs for the school IT system and has an effect on all stakeholders, including students, teachers, administrators, parents, and potential parents. ShriConnect, a SaaS-based cloud-based ERP that is centrally hosted and only needs internet to run and manage the application, is used for school management. Unlike other school administration software, Shriconnect the school ERP does not need a dedicated IT application development/maintenance staff.

Shri Connect Modules Offered

Student Module

Admin Module

Staff Module

Parent Portal

Attendance and Leave management

Academic Module

Exam & Report Card Module

Co-Curricular Module

Fee Management Module

SMS & Online Payment Integration

Admissions Module

Online Exam Module

Library Management

Hostel Management

Inventory Management

HR management and payroll

Advantages of the Cloud Model ShriConnect